Seems impossible, am I right? Well this is something that I find myself doing quite frequently as I am ALWAYS broke.

We start with $20 and for this particular shop, I needed to purchase a good foundation, eyeliner and some make-up removing wipes. To the shops!

Now my favourite go-to foundation for when I am broke af is Face Of Australia High Definition Stick Foundation in the colour Ivory. If you haven’t found this product before, girl you’re in for a treat! It’s basically a giant stick of high coverage foundation-come-concealer which expertly hides imperfections, dark circles, uneven skin tone and leaves your skin looking flawless.

Face of Australia High Definition Stick
Face of Australia High Definition Stick

There’s a Napoleon product that is very similar to this, for 3x the price and I believe the Face of Australia one is better. For me, the colour is a better match to my skin tone, blends better and lasts longer. I find I need twice as much as the Napoleon face stick than the Face of Australia stick. A few lines of this over your face, blend in and you’re good to go.

This product also has an SPF15+ to protect you face from that harsh Aussie sun and contains added moisturisers and vitamins to keep the skin luscious. The packaging is slick, and small, a fantastic size to pop in your handbag or clutch while you’re out for a sneaky touch up here and there.

You can pick up Face of Australia products from selected Priceline or Big W, I got mine from Priceline for $11.95.

That leaves $8.05 left. Not a lot right? Wrong.

My sister had just bought the most amazing gold cream eyeshadow stick from By Terry, but it has quite a hefty price tag attached. So I was hoping to find a drugstore brand similar for us broke girls out there. While picking up my High Definition stick at the FoA stand, I found this new Face of Australia Kajal Eyeliner Stix in the colour Ra. From my understanding, Kajal is basically the Egyptian name for Kohl, and was used by the Egyptian royalty as eyeliner. I haven’t played with it a lot, but from what I’ve used, FoA have made a little gem.

Face of Australia Kajal Eyeliner Stix
Face of Australia Kajal Eyeliner Stix

This is a beautiful creamy kohl liner with intense colour and is strong enough to last all day ( and probably all night ). The design of the packaging gives you the choice to use either the pointed tip as a liner to create a slicker look or turning horizontally to glide along the lid for a thicker line or to blend out for an all over eyeshadow. I think this would make a very alluring gold smokey eye or add a slick line above your normal black cat eye for pop of colour to your everyday make-up look.

This one I picked up in Priceline for $5.99. There are a few different colours available, including a really nice khaki green colour that I want to get next. Will keep you updated on what i think but so far, a winner.

Leaving me with a total of $2.06 for my make-up wipes. Okay yes, this is a lot harder than I thought it was. But I found some great face wipes for $2.49, so yes over budget, but only by 43c. Luckily I had an extra 50c piece in my purse. What caught my attention the most was the packaging. I love that pin-up style packaging that you can find on a few different brands these days, my favourite is probably The Balm Cosmetics ( the names of their products are way too cute ). This is like a pop art woman with a sexy pout. Essenzza Natural Facial Cleansing Wipes in the type Cleanse + Exfoliate with Citrus + Pineapple Enzymes. Not only do these wipes, remove all my make-up, including waterproof mascara, they leave my skin feeling not greasy and not dry and are suitable to all skin types.

Essenzza Natural Facial Cleanse + Exfoliate Wipes
Essenzza Natural Facial Cleanse + Exfoliate Wipes

The wipes are texturesmooth, meaning textured on one side to help remove the dirt and make-up in the pores and smooth on the other to leave your skin with a smooth and super soft finish. But my favourite part about these wipes is that they smell amazing! That is thanks to the citrus and pineapple. If I were to put these wipes under your nose, you would think you were smelling a tropical cocktail, honestly, they are so refreshing.

So overall, yes it’s more a “How to shop on a $20.50 budget” post but I think I did pretty well. I think the key to shopping on such a tight budget is to shop the sale items. While I was in Priceline there were so many specials on some really great products. Shop the bargain bins, there have been so many items I’ve found in there for cheap that have become some of my staple make-up products. It’s also a great way of trying some colours of lipsticks, eyeshadows and sorts in colours a little out of your comfort zone without spending a small fortune on something you may not really like. I also like going to department stores and shops like Gloss Accessories to find different products for cheap. Gloss stocks brands like Revlon, Rimmel, Maybelline and more, often for cheaper than Priceline sells them. And places like Big W and Target often have bigger sales than Priceline has, the downside is that their ranges aren’t that big. Another good place to find bargain make-up finds is actually Catch of the Day. They have access to a lot more luxury brands for cheap than you could find in the stores. You just have to pay the price of shipping, which can suck but if you’ve really found a goldmine then it’s definitely worth it.

If you like, I can do a make-up look tutorial using the products above? That gold smokey eye is calling me… Let me know in the comments below.

Xxx ThatGirlFromAdelaide