The three of us, Angus Night, The BF and I, share a pretty cool townhouse just near Marion. It’s roomy, stays cool during the Summer and warm in the Winter.

It has a brand new bathroom, a big wardrobe, a Harry Potter cupboard under the stairs, and a good sized courtyard with full morning-mid afternoon sun, which fits our small outdoor table & chairs and our BBQ out there. It’s perfect for entertaining. The only downside to our house is the pokey kitchen. When there is two of us in the kitchen it’s pretty cramped let alone a third person somehow sneaking in there to grab cups and bowls and whatnot. Because of this reason, we don’t have a lot of bench space so we don’t own a microwave. The BF and I have learnt to live without one, but unfortunately for Angus, he hasn’t quite mastered the art of “remembering to take food out the freezer the night before you want to eat it”.

I had to leave early for a training session at work this morning and came home around midday to find The BF giggling on the couch at something he had seen just before I got home.

Angus had got up that morning with a hankering for beef lasagne. Only he had left it sitting in the freezer. So he had though of a cunning plan to defrost the lasagne quicker to eat for dinner tonight.

Angus had taken the lasagne out of the freezer that morning to defrost,
In the sun,
On the BBQ,
And left it there all day in full sun
AND remembered at 7.45pm that it was out there and has JUST put it in the oven to cook!

… The BF and I just looked at each other…

… Angus, you can defrost things in a day INSIDE IN THE FRIDGE… the sun is not an alternative defrost setting on a microwave.

What do you think? Will Angus get sick?

I’ll keep you updated…

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With Love, ThatGirlFromAdelaide