How many posts have there been about beauty hacks? So many! But how many of them actually work? I have put many to the test & come up with my top 10 beauty hacks that I use almost every day, and that work really well, to share with you:

1) Use a dryer sheet over your hair brush to tame frizzy hair

Source: Pinterest

Having purple hair I do tend to colour it a bit more than most people, leaving it somewhat dry and frizzy. To tame the frizz (as well as regular treatments) I have tried so many serums and creams etc until I saw this hack. AND IT WORKS SOOOOO WELL! I picked up a box of 40 dryer sheets from the supermarket for about $6, cut a sheet in half & press over your hairbrush. Comb through your locks for frizz-free beautiful hair 🙂


2) Create a longer, fuller ponytail by using this technique:


This actually works really well, BUT it works best with curly/wavy hair. If you try and do it with straight hair, you achieve the look but it’s very obvious that you have 2 ponytails in your hair as it just kinda flops over the top of one another. You need the wave to hide the underneath ponytail. I have naturally straight hair, so this doesn’t work for me when my hair is straight, however when it’s wavy, it looks so super long and full.

3) Apply your concealer in a triangle shape underneath your eyes for better coverage.

Source: Make Me Up Before You Go Go

I inherited horrible dark circles under my eyes, and they get worse when I don’t sleep well (which is the entire Summer season). The best way to combat this is every girls BFF, concealer.  Applying concealer in a triangle shape instead of just dotting it underneath,  ensures that you properly cover all the uneven under eye circles.

I use BYS concealer for under my eyes, it’s quite cheap and I find it doesn’t run during the warmer weather.

4) Use warm coconut oil on your hair for healthier, smoother hair

Source: Google search
Source: Google search

Coconut oil is sooooo good for dry hair. It makes it smooth and luscious and I love it! Warm a few tablespoons of coconut oil up in the microwave & massage through your hair from roots to ends. Clip/tie your hair up for at least an hour to allow the oil to soak in. I leave it in overnight. In the morning, I wash it out in the shower & give my hair a quick shampoo & conditon before styling for the day. Some people use a mix of 1 egg and water to shampoo their hair which leaves your hair amazingly silky smooth, buttttt eggs are expensive and I prefer to eat them, so I just use my normal shampoo 🙂 The picture above is the coconut oil I use to treat my hair, I got 900g jar from Costco for $15.


5) Can’t be bothered washing your hair? Use dry shampoo to soak up the oil in your roots.

Source: Priceline
Source: Priceline

My favourite is the Batiste Dry Shampoo in the flavour Tropical, it smells like an island holiday. No dry shampoo? That’s okay, use a little baby powder and rub into your roots, it will do the same thing 🙂





6) Get the perfect messy boho bun in 60 seconds by following this clip…

After searching youtube high and low for a surefire way of creating the best messy bun time and time again, I found this clip by Beauavis and her super quick tutorial on messy buns is foolproof!

7) Reduce pimples overnight by picking up a packet of these:

Source: Google search
Source: Google search

Purchase some of Formula 10.0.6 Overnight Success dots to put on the pimple overnight. These work quite well for small & average pimples. For those big sore horrible red ones I find by putting a bit of disinfectant like dettol on the pimple and then covering the pimple with these dots make it work so much better. In the morning when applying your make up, use a cotton tip to apply concealer over it & avoid contaminating your makeup brushes.

8) Clear nail polish is your new best friend, for these reasons:

8.1) If you get reactions to fake jewellery, coat the jewellery with clear nail polish to help reduce/stop the reaction.

Source: Google search
Source: Google search

This is my life! I can’t wear fake jewellery ever as I always come out in an itchy red rash wherever the jewellery is sitting. However, when I came across this hack, it totally changed my life! I wouldn’t suggest you do this with more expensive costume jewellery, eg. Mimco, as I found the polish discolours the jewellery and turns it green! Lucky I could chip the polish off the earrings & save them, but choose wisely. I use Sally Henson Super Shine clear polish to coat my jewellery, it makes it nice and shiny, as suggested.
8.2) If you get a hole in your stockings, coat the hole and any ladders in clear nail polish to stop it becoming bigger. 

Source: Google search
Source: Google search

I wear skirts & dresses all the time. So wearing stockings is a day to day thing for me. Long nails mean that I make holes in my stockings easily. But fixing small holes & ladders is easy, just coat the entire hole/ladder, including the edges, with clear nail polish and allow it to dry. You can do this if you’re wearing them, although be prepared for it to stick a bit when you take them off. You can also spray your stockings with hairspray after you put them on to put a protective layer between your stockings and the evil sharp things that rip them.

9) Keep lipstick off your teeth by running your finger along the inner edges of your lips to remove excess product.

Source: Harper’s Bazaar

I do this as a precautionary every time I wear lipstick. You literally put you finger in your mouth, like the picture above, and when you pull it out you get a ring of excess lipstick on your finger, like above, and that is what would have ended up on your pearly whites 🙂 pretty nifty aye 😉

10) Add a coat of mascara to your lashes BEFORE applying foundation to easily define your eyes.

Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest

This is the best tip when your doing a smokey eye, it makes it 10 times easier to start. By putting a coat of mascara on your lashes before you apply your foundation means 1. if you accidentally get it on you eyelid you don’t have to worry about ruining your foundation, 2. it clearly defines you eye line and 3. makes it easier to start your eye makeup as the line is already starting to form and it’s easy to build from there.

And that’s all the hacks I use to help me during my day. I hope at least 1 of these hacks can change your day to day beauty routine, if you have any you think I should try, leave them in the comments below.

Love, ThatGirlFromAdelaide xx