Okay so, my New Year’s Resolution, among many other things like save money, go travel, get fit etc, is to declutter my life. Just get rid of all the crap I have lying around that I no longer use/need.

I have so much stuff. Majority of it is clothing, I continuously buy cheap clothes on impulse and never get rid of anything until my wardrobe is overflowing into the BF’s half and my drawers don’t close as there is too much trying to be crammed in there.

While watching Youtube, I discovered The Green Closet channel. The channel’s creator is a gorgeous girl named Verena Erin, or Erin for short, and she’s an eco-conscious/sustainable minimalist currently sharing her journey of ethical fashion, beauty trends and more plus her capsule wardrobe, or project 333 experience. (Erin’s blog is here -> Verena Erin | Journal )

Project 333 is simple, 3 months with only 33 items of clothing. I‘m thinking holy crap only 33 items to choose from for 3 whole freaking months! You have got to be kidding me that sounds impossible! What would I put in there, what if I get bored, ohmygod WHAT! I’m pretty into alternative fashion meets vintage at the moment as opposed to a regular jeans & tee type look however I’m determined to see make this work.

About Project 333, the basic gist of it: 
When: for 3 months
What’s included: 33 items of clothing including accessories, shoes, outerwear and statement jewellery
What’s not: sentimental jewellery worn daily, underwear, sleepwear, uniforms for work, in-home lounge wear (nothing you would wear out of the house) and workout clothes. You can only wear these things when doing their specific activity. If your leggings go to the store more than the gym, they should be in your capsule wardrobe.
How to start: choose your 33 items (or less), box up the rest and put out of sight.
What else: keep in mind that you are creating a wardrobe that you can live, work, and play in for 3 months. Try to choose items that go together and can easily be layered as the weather changes. If your clothes are falling apart you can replace them.

For more in depth explanation of Project 333 click here to read from the creator, Courtney Carver.

So how did I start this process? By tearing apart my wardrobe and getting rid of a shitload of stuff, that’s how! 

Courtney has created literally the best guideline to work through how to get rid of your clothes you don’t need once and for all. Click here to learn more.

This is basically how I did it:

  • Start by taking every item of clothing you own, from the wardrobe, drawers, clothesline, washing basket literally every little bit including that sneaky stash of winter jackets under the bed and throw it all onto the bed. Just dump it there, all of it and stare in astonishment at the pile of stuff you’ve spent so much money believe me so much and breathe. Most of this will disappear in a short while. Here is my pile. I couldn’t believe just how much stuff I had.
The pile of clothes covering my bed! OMG!
  • The start making piles. If you can be bothered, make 1 selling pile to sell on eBay or Gumtree, then 1 pile to give away to charity, 1 maybe pile and 1 keeping pile. Be ruthless. Don’t allow yourself too long to decide what you want to do with it. If you’re really stuck with decided whether or not to give it up, ask yourself these questions:
    – Would you wear this, right now to go out?
    – If you saw this at the shop, would you buy it again?
    – When was the last time you considered wearing it? What do you wear it with?
    – Is it broken?
    – Is it versatile?
    If you answer NO or NOT IN A WHILE to any of these questions, get rid of it. If you’re questioning it over sentimental value, keep it but purchase a special memory box to keep it in. I have one of these for band t-shirts and items that I was wearing when special things happened to me. Kind of like a lucky top.
The pile of clothes covering my bed! OMG!
  • Keep going until you reach the end. It took me 2.5 episodes of Downton Abbey to get through my bed pile. Do a little dance when you reach the end! I did.

    Panorama of my piles, from left, sell, donate, maybe and favourites
  • Grab some garbage bags and get rid of the donate/sell piles immediately. Don’t give yourself the chance to go back and pick out items from those piles.
  • Now move onto that overflowing Maybe pile you have there. Time to put your big girl/boy pants on and be honest with yourself, do you really, honestly think you would wear this in the next 1-3 months? If you really aren’t sure, pop it on a hanger and hang it backwards in your closet. If you wear it in the next month you will know as the hanger will be back around the right way. As for the rest, put your favourites back into your wardrobe and pop the nay pile in with the rest of the donations and get them outta sight!
The Maybe pile plus my Summer and Winter Favourites

I have quite a few dresses and jackets that I wear, some strictly during Summer/Winter and some all year round. I made sure that I only kept a maximum 10 dresses, plus 3 strictly town/going out dresses. Jackets I made sure I only kept a maximum of 8 jackets, including my wet weather and cold weather coats. I also made sure I separated my Summer & Winter favourites as I was sorting. In addition to my sell/donate/maybe/yes piles I also made my homey/workout clothes pile and a fix/wash pile. There are a few dresses that I need zips fixed or buttons sewn back on and I plan to take them to the seamstress on my way to work Monday. I also made a “for work only” pile of things that I will only wear to work. As I’m a kitchen hand, I wash many dishes and tend to get saturated. I have chosen to keep my work clothes completely separate from my capsule wardrobe.

My Summer Dresses and Jackets

I had an aim to only have 160 items to choose from for my capsule wardrobe and slowly work my way down to only 100 over time. However when I counted them all up I had a grand total of 78! This doesn’t include my shoes however, as I haven’t done them yet. I have a shoe collection of some very beautiful Tony Biancos, Jeffery Campbells and whatnot and haven’t decided if I want to keep them as a collection or not.

For now, I am going to keep my capsule open to most things for Summer and Autumn just as I get used to the limited clothing options and decide if I do need to add anything into the mix. I will keep this updated as I go.

My Winter Jackets & Scarfs, I’m keeping them in my wardrobe for now as it looked way to empty!

I may do a capsule lookbook with the outfits I tend to wear the most (this will also help me realise what my top 33 is over the next month). Let me know if you would like to see this in the future. I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences with project 333 & capsule wardrobes. Does it work for you? Is it easy? How did you go clearing out your wardrobe?  Let me know in the comments below.

Until next time, ThatGirlFromAdelaide xxx